Hi, I’m Jorge! ๐Ÿ‘‹

Welcome to my website! As you can see it’s rather simple, and that is on purpose! My website has taken its design cues from this website and I love it. Also, if you’ve noticed all the famous engineers have rather simple websites, Rob Pike and Ryan Dahl, for example. So maybe this website is foreshadowing a bit. A boy can dream right? But anyways…

I’m Jorge! I’m a recent Computer Engineering (with a concentration in Computer Systems) graduate from the University of California Santa Cruz. I love computers and I love building systems from scratch! ๐Ÿ’ป๐Ÿงก

My favorite technologies include:

And here are a couple of projects that I’m super proud to show off!

Senior Design Project

For my senior design project we built a Bus Monitoring Through WiFi Probing system to count the number of passengers on our (overly populated) campus shuttle busses. We managed to accomplish this with a couple of Raspberry Pi’s, WiFi antennas, and ingenuity!

This project was my fist foray into GRPC and unreliable networks. I’m proud of my team’s work and I’m happy to show it off!

You can find all of our work at our GitHub organization.

You can also find our design document on my LinkedIn that’s linked below (pun intended).

The Babel Sandbox

For my last internship at the MLH Fellowship a team of fellows, our mentor, and myself put together babelsandbox.com. It’s a sandbox for developers to try out Babel configurations and plugins to see how they interact with each other!

This project taught me how to work on the front and back ends; It also showed how a formalized JSON API schema facilitates development! Many thanks to my mentor Ian for helping us build this and thanks to the awesome fellows who made that internship so much fun!

My Other Links

Just in case you want to learn more about me, here are some more links for you to peruse: